Friday, 4 May 2018

future technology

1.  GeeFi, a device that offers unlimited wi-fi anywhere in the world

What would you give to lay your hands on a device that offers unlimited data, 5G network, free roaming, zero sim cards, and accessibility in over 100 countries worldwide? Anything
Enter GeeFi, a wi-fi device that can offer you unlimited connectivity anywhere in the world. What’s even better is that it can have 10 devices connected to it at the same time including laptops, phones, tablets, cameras, and TVs. All you have to do is power the device on, enter the network ID and password, and voila! You crossover to a world that knows no connectivity hang-ups

2.  Edible water blobs

Plastic water bottles may soon become a thing of the past if they are replaced by edible water blobs called the Ooho!. Water bubbles come encased in an edible membrane made of a natural seaweed extract that decomposes if not consumed in 4 to 6 weeks. Wow! The brainchild of Skipping Rocks Lab – a team of students from RCA and Imperial College London – this invention is one we can get behind if we want plastic to stop degrading our environment.

3.  Autonomous cars

Whether it’s Google or Tesla, autonomous vehicles are getting closer to reality to change the way we commute. Because cars that can pilot themselves with minimum human input are the way forward in a world that’s plagued with traffic and accidents. And it’s not only Google and Tesla that are showing off their technology. BMW announced a research-and-development project and Delphi put all its brains behind the wonder that is autonomous driving.
If things pan out as, we would soon be embracing fully-automated driving that lets us work on the run and reduces congestion.

4.  Wireless electricity

What started out as an experiment – a light bulb came to life in the middle of the room without any wires attached to it – is being realized into reality. Transferring power without wires sounds impossible but it’s WiTricity is developing what is known as wireless ‘resonance’ technology that can do just that.

5.  Invisibility Cloaks  

Harry Potter would totally approve of this. A stretchable material known as 'meta-skin' has the potential of crafting invisibility cloaks in future. By manipulating electromagnetic waves, the meta-skin can be tuned in a way that can cloak objects from radars.Radars detect objects by using radio or microwaves.Developed by a team from Iowa State University, this technology will create a radar invisibility cloak that will trap radio or microwaves that will escape detection by a radar detector.

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